Meet Kathleen’s World of Travel

Hi, I’m Kathleen Wheeler. I started Kathleen’s World of Travel many (many!) years ago! My passion for travel starts with my love for people and the different cultures from around the world.

I have traveled to dozens of countries all over the globe and have met so many incredibly warm, delightful people. They’ve showed me their homeland and I’ve got to experience their cuisine, their entertainment, and their lives. I find it remarkable that we can all be so different, yet all share one common trait, and that is kindness and love.


Patti joined my agency in January, 2020. Her specialties include organizing group travel. She loves working with families on unique vacation ideas. She loves river cruising, especially the American Queen Steamboat. She can be reached at 510-333-4809. You can email her by clicking the button below her picture.


Every year I put together several group vacations for my clients. Many travel in couples, with friends and many even travel solo….BUT, they never travel alone.

When I put a group trip together, we will match solo travelers up with new friends. The majority of my clients (99%), are repeat clients that come back year after year. They tell their families about me and then I have a new generation of clients to send away on their memorable journeys!

Feel free to pick my brain. Call me at 916-201-6881 and allow me to use my connections and experience in the (quite often complex) travel industry to orchestrate any of your travel dreams to anywhere around the world.